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Sageberry Restaurant and Catering

      Sageberry Catering is a full line catering service. Nothing is too big or too small for our catering services. We cater to all events including, but not limited to weddings, rehearsal dinners, parties, teas, showers, and yes, even to luaus.

      Sageberry Restaurant boasts of a casual country dining atmosphere with a double fireplace, and your choice of a booth for privacy or a table. We have a full hot bar and salad bar, or you can order off the menu. We have a kid's menu so even the kid's have something that they like to eat.

        So if you want a  friendly family dining experience with pallet pleasing foods come to Sageberry Restaurant  where kids under five eat free. For your convenience we take all major credit cards including Visa, Master Card, American Express,  and Discover. We  have gift certificates for that someone who has everything already. We also have a weekly drawing every Sunday from the previous weeks entries for a free hot bat meal.

Sageberry Catering Menu:



Cakes:                                                                                      Beverages: (Per Person) 

Wedding Cakes (Per Person)        $1.90                        Punch (Fruit Flavored-                         

Sheet Cake (9 x 13) (Feeds 15)    $16.00                               Color desired)                          $0.95

Sheet Cake (12 x 18) (Feeds 35)  $26.75                     White Grape Juice & Ginger Ale

Character Cakes (Single Layer)   $21.50                               Punch                                        $0.95

Round 9" (2 Layer)                        $21.50                     Iced Tea (Sweet & Unsweet)           $0.95

Round 9" (3 Layer)                        $26.75                     Lemonade                                           $0.95

                                                                                             Coffee                                                  $0.95

                                                                                             Water                                                   $0.00


Hor D'oeuvres (Per Person):_________________________________________

Cheese ball w/Crackers                    $1.25                     Scallops wrapped in Bacon              $2.50      

Fruit w/Dip                                         $1.35                     Mexican Rollups w/Salsa                 $1.00

Vegetables w/Dip                              $1.25                      Hot Wings w/Sauce                          $1.90

Spinach Dip w/Crackers                  $0.95                     Smoked and Marinated Cheeses    $1.90

Dried Beef Dip /Crackers                 $1.25                     Chicken Salad in Pastry                    $1.90

Cocktail Wieners in Sauce                $2.15                     Chicken Salad in Croissant              $1.90

Italian Meatballs in Sauce                $2.15                      Shrimp Mold                                      $2.15

Sausage Balls                                       $1.25                      Shrimp Cocktail                                $2.30

Marinated Grilled Chicken Breast                                  Fruited Brie Cheese Wrapped in

   Strips w/Sauce                                   $1.55                             Puff Pastry  and Browned        $2.50

Cold Cuts and Condiments                 $1.90                   Vegetable Bars                                     $0.95      

Croissants                                               $0.95                  Ham and Cheese Rollups                   $1.90

Mushrooms Stuffed w/Sausage         $1.35                   Mints (Dozen- Single Color)         $1.10                                                                                                    Mints (Dozen Multi-Colored)        $2.15


Meals (Per Person:

Steak- Ribeye Steak, Twice Baked Potato, Chinese Salad, Roll, Tea, and Dessert.        $18.65

Roast Beef- Roast Beef, Twice Baked Potato, Salad, Roll, Tea, and Dessert.                  $11.75

Roast Pork- Stuffed Roast Pork, Candied Yams, Broccoli, Salad,Roll, Tea, and

                     Dessert.                                                                                                                     $13.55

Ham- Ham, Green Beans, Creamed Potatoes, Roll  Tea, and Dessert.                             $11.75

Turkey and Dressing- Turkey, Dressing, Gravy, green Beans, Sweet Potatoes,

                      Cranberry Sauce, Roll, Tea, and Dessert.                                                              $12.35

Hamburger Steak- Hamburger Steak, Twice baked Potato, Chinese Salad,

                       Roll, Tea, and Dessert.                                                                                         $12.35

Bar-B-Que- Bar-B-Que Pork, Baked Beans, Slaw, Roll, tea, and Dessert                        $12.35

Lasagna- Lasagna, Tossed Salad, Bread, Tea, and Dessert.                                                $11.75


Misc. Items:


Chicken Salad (Per Pound)                                  $5.35

BBQ w /Sauce (Per Pound)                                  $8.00

BBQ w/o Sauce                                                         $10.00


****Items do not include tax. Tax will be added to the final bill.****



 Sageberry Restaurant Menu:


Appetizers:                                                                                      Meals From the Kitchen:

Shrimp Cocktail (8)                                 $4.80                                    Ribeye Steak: Juicy hand cut Ribeye served with

Nachos w/Salsa                                        $3.15                                    baked potao or your choice of one trip salad bar or

Corn Nuggets (12)                                    $3.15                                   Chinese Salad.                                         $15.50

Southwestern Egg Rolls (2)                   $3.15                                   New York Strip Steak:Juicy Hand Cut New York

Cheese Sticks w/honey mustard (5)    $3.15                                  Strip Steak served with baked potato and your choice of

Salads, Soups, and Stews:                                                           one trip salad bar or Chinese Salad.      13.00          

One trip Salad Bar    $2,75 ( To Go- $3.75)                                   Hamburger Steak: Juicy 8 ounce Hamburger Steak

All you can eat salad bar                       $6.95                                    served with peppers and onions, baked potato, and your

Chinese Salad    $2.00                                                                            choice of one trip salad bar or Chinese Salad.      $8.85

One trip soup or stew /cornbread      $2.75                                  Fried Chicken Breast:  A moist fried chicken breast

Sandwiches:                                                                                           topped w/honey mustard and toasted pecan sauce.

Hamburger w/ fries                              $5.10                                    Served wtih baked porato and choice of one trip salad

Cheeseburger w/fries                           $5.35                                    or chinese Salad.                          $8.85              

Fried/grilled chicken w/fries or salad $5.35                               Grilled Chicken Breast: A moist 6 ounce grilled

Chicken Salad w/fruit or salad -          $5.20                                   chicken breast served with baked potato and your choice

Sides:                                                                                                           of one trip salad bar or Chinese Salad.  $8.85

Fries                                                                $1.60                                   Memphis chicken: A moist 6 ounce grilled chicken

Onion Rings                                                  $1.60                                   breast topped with BBQ sauce, shredded cheddar cheese,

Baked Potato                                                $1.60                                   bacon bits, and fresh diced tomatoes. Served with         

Twice baked  Potato                                   $2.10                                  baked potato and your choice of one trip salad bar or

Hot Bar:                                                                               Chinese Salad.                         $9.10

Meats (All meats are only one serving  $3.75                            Chicken Finger Plate: 4 Golden fried chicken fingers

Vegetables (All you can eat of your      $1.60                             served with baked potato of French fries and choice of

original choice, just ask your server                                                 one vegetable.                    $6.85

for more.)                                                                                                      Cold Plate: A mound of chicken salad served with fresh

Dessert Bar:                                                     $2.40                            fruit, fruit dip and crackers.            $8.85

One trip, one choice                                                                                  ******* twice baked potato $0.50 additional charge.


Sweet/ Unsweetened  Tea                              $1.55                               

Coffee                                                                      $1.00

Coca-Cola Products                                          $1.55

Kids Menu:

(9 and Under Only)

***( Plates come with fries and small drink.)

Cheese or Pepperoni Pizza                              $3.75

Chicken Fingers (3)                                          $4.55

Hamburger                                                        $4.55

Grilled Cheese Sandwich                                $4.00

PB & J Sandwich                                              $4.00

Corn Dogs (2)                                                   $4.00



Sageberry Restaurant and Catering

1235 County Road # 162   Centre Alabama   35960