About Us: 

  Sageberry Restaurant was established in 2009 with a  seating capacity of 126. The opening date for the restaurant was September 10,2009; however, Sageberry catering has been in business since April 1990. At the Home and Garden Show this year, we discovered that Sageberry Restaurant was one of Cherokee county's best kept secret.  While chatting with passers by or those coming  for barbeque sandwiches and samples of banana pudding that we were serving, we heard quite a few people say that they had never heard of Sageberry Restaurant.  Now is the time to learn a bit about the  very modest owner as well as the restaurant.  Owning a restaurant was a dream of Edna Jennings for a long time. After years of catering full time Edna decided to finally take the dream a step farther and to open her own restaurant.   Sageberry Restaurant proudly boasts of both a hot food bar and a salad bar where all items on both bars are prepared fresh daily. We also have a menu to order from with a choice of steaks, chicken, and other  dishes  prepared especially for you .  Children, age 9 and under, eat half price with a  menu of their own.  Children, age 9 and under, also eat off the hot bar for half the price of the adult  meals.  Another  reason to choose to dine at Sageberry Restaurant is to try  our specialty "in-seasondishes  as well as the daily regulars.  Friday night is catfish night. We also have  special holiday dishes for every holiday.

    Catering nor restaurant ownership was a lifetime dream of Edna's. The business just kind of came to be her lot in life because of her kind heart and trying to help out a friend in need when a caterer that her friend had hired backed out at the last minute. It much to late to hire another caterer so Edna offered to help her friend with the dinner. Although the job was unexpected and a last minute thing, the menu was well planned and well received. Edna got rave reviews on the menu and before long she was doing a meal here and there for friends and family. After preparing alone for a menu and food quantites for a crowd of 200, the panic and nervousness of doing  an unfamiliar job vanished. Instead the nervousness was replaced with anticipation when she began getting calls for more catering jobs. The next year 1992, she did several more catering jobs. By October of 1993 she was booked full for the remainder of the year. The rest is history with nineteen years of catering experience to her credit. After being self taught from books and seminars on everything from health inspections to different aspects of tax reporting, she realized that in order to have a successful business  and time to prepare for each event that she was going to need help.  Although,both her husband and her son helped her with the grilled food, there were still side dishes and desserts to prepare, plus taxes to figure, paperwork to do and not enough time to get it all done. She worked on her taxes during the weekend hours when she wasn't cooking or planning for the next event. She then hired outside help including an accountant, a lawyer and a helper to assist her in the kitchen. After getting all of the wrinkles of the business ironed out, she had her staff of business assistants all hired and she began the year of1993 fully equipped and legal with a business license, high scoring health inspections, a tax exempt number, an accountant, and a lawyer. Edna said that she once read a book on catering written by Elizabeth Lawrence. In the book, Mrs. Lawrence said that if you owned a Kitchen-aid mixer and a Cuisinart food processor that you could go into the catering business. Since Edna already owned both, she was one step ahead of the game. Until today, she still calls those two items her "foundation tools."  She learned secrets of the trade through years of experience and she became a very successful caterer and she is loved by all.

    With the passing years, the catering jobs got bigger and more time consuming . After so many years of catering, dreams of a restaurant began to emerge. A restaurant seemed to be more practical since there would be no travel trying to keep the food temps right for serving while traveling, sometimes very long distances. After much thought and planning the restaurant became a reality instead of just a lot of talk and dreaming. From the time the restaurant opened in Septembr of 2009, many meals have been prepared. The meals are still prepared  today with the same care and consistency as the first meals were.

    If you've never been to Sageberry Restaurant you might drive right by it and not even know that it is a restaurant unless you took a look at the sign out front. Outside, the metal building looks like many more metal buildings that you might have seen over the years; but when you enter the front door, you walk into a warm, homey atmostphere with a double fireplace, warm wood walls, tantalizing smells, and smiling faces. The restaurant is cozily decorated with Strawberry everything that you can imagine. Over the years Edna's collection of strawberry items from friends , family, and even just acquaintances has grown tremendously. Now she proudly displays some of the collectibles in the restaurant on the  wrap around mantel of the  double fireplace. As you enter the serving area, you'll see more strawberry items displayed near the serving line.   We'd love to have you come visit us to try our delicious food and family friendly atmosphere at your earliest convience. Reservations are not necessary, but if you prefer you can call ahead for reservations at (256)475-3398. We look forward to serving you and we hope to see you soon.

At Sageberry Restaurant and Catering we accept all major credit cards including, Master card, Visa, American Express, and Discover for yor convenience.

You can contact us by phone at (256)475-3398, (256) 706-9679, or by email at ejj1@tds.net.

We appreciate your opinions, suggestions and yes, even a recipe that you'd like for us to try. Let us know how we are doing or how we might improve our Restaurant and service.